Interview with an English Trainee

Invisiblefarm will host for a three-week period an English student who attends the Information Technology course at South Cheshire college in the UK, who has come to Italy through the European Union's Erasmus Plus project, which offers young people the opportunity to study at foreign companies.

His name is William and during this period he will be followed by an internal business tutor.
Today we want to offer you an interview that we did to understand what were his expectations and how he imagined this experience in Italy.

Have you ever been in Italy?
I have never been to Italy before but I have always want to go to the country.

How was Italy in your imagination before your arrival here?
Many buildings with a lot of different eras of architecture and somewhat warmer than than the UK.

How did you imagine the technology level of Italy?
I wasn’t sure what the technology in daily life would be like because of never actually been to Italy before. I would think technology would be as common to find in daily life in Italy as it would be in the UK. But I think they would do some things differently with the aid of technology.

How did you imagine the company Invisiblefarm?
I though before I arrived that Invisiblefarm was a business that researched the advancement in technology but wasn’t sure precisely what the business would be like.

Did you know the city of Brescia?
I never knew about the City of Brescia before the Erasmus+ project.

What do you think to learn from an Italian experience?
I think I will gain a lot of skills and experience from the Erasmus+ project and the work experience I have done at Invisiblefarm. I also think that I have improved my confidence with talking to new people that I have never met before. Furthermore, This is helping me gain more experience to help me in an IT environment and I will also have learned how to speak some Italian from the Erasmus+ project.
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