Impressions on Italy of an English boy

In a previous article, we have proposed an interview with William, an English boy who has been holding a 3-week internship at Invisiblefarm. As a conclusion of his time in Italy, we have interviewed him again to understand what his experiences were here and what are his final judgments about this adventure.

What was the most astonishing thing you came across in Italy?
The castle in Brescia is really nice because of where it is located. The castle towers above everything else in the city, causing it to have wonderful views for miles around once you are at the top of the castle.

Who did you stay with when you were here?
The host family I stayed with had an old farm house some distance away from Brescia but you were still able to get a bus into the city every half hour. They have seven chickens, four ducks, 2 sheep, one dog and a ` few ` cats (they aren’t actually their cats but neighbors cats) ‘Ringo’ the dog is an albino Italian sheep dog that is fully deaf, so you can’t tell him to come back if he starts to run off. I would be staying with three other people. I was staying with three other students from the college, Henry, Aylish and Christian (me, Henry and Christian shared a room and Aylish had her own room) The house doesn’t have a TV and doesn’t have a WiFi router either because the host family wanted a home where they could relax after work and at the weekends.
The host family has been really nice to us through out the three weeks. On the first day they showed us around the different places of Brescia (showed us the cathedrals, the castle and some of the Roman ruins) and throughout the three weeks, a couple of their friends invited us all over (and they came over to the host families house as well) to have dinner and play board games. The host family I think has been really nice towards us in everything from helping us out to get to work to letting us come along to events and dinners.

Have you been disappointed with anything in Italy?
When I visited the Milan, it was boring because there were only expensive shops, everything was somewhat of a distance away when we arrived at the train station very crowded everywhere we went and It was raining for most of the day. But I still liked some of the architecture there (The train station and other buildings).

What feature did you like the most in the city of Brescia?
The transport system for the reason of being somewhat efficient with the schedules of the buses & metro. The Metro was another thing that I liked because of you never needing to wait longer than 10 minutes for the next train and that the metro is controlled by a computer network (for better efficiency).

What places have you visited in the city of Brescia?
I have been to the castle a few times, Piazza Paolo VI, the different roman ruins, Piazza della Vittoria and a few other places that I have forgotten the name of. My favorite place is Piazza Paolo VI ( the square where the two cathedrals are) because of everything you need being close to that location.

Have you been to see any other Italian cities?
I have seen two other cities (Venice and Milan) and I also went to visit Lake Garda as well. I think Venice was a lot more enjoyable than Milan for me because everything wasn’t too ridiculously over priced and it was sunny as well. But you do come somewhat lost between the small streets and passages with each street looking the same as the last one unless it was on the main section of the canal. Then lake Garda because of the scenery around the lake but it was raining and cold on the day we went. Then Milan wasn’t that enjoyable unless you had a lot of money to spend (for everywhere being so expensive).

Have you tasted Italian cuisine?
I have tried a lot of new different foods that I have never seen or tasted before but I still eating it because it might taste nice. I don’t remember a lot of the names of the new type of foods that I have had, but I have liked everything so far what my host family has given us for dinner and lunch (they’re quite health because they grow most of their own vegetables).

Have you learned a few words or phrases in Italian?
I have learned a few phrases and words in Italian but not that many words because of how little time I had before the trip but I still tried to learn some of the basics (good morning, hello, thank you).

Tell us about the project you have been preparing in these weeks at Invisiblefarm?
For the past three weeks, I was given a project to research suitable different coding languages for a specialized application. This application would be on a smartphone, would be used in a lab to scan QR codes on different beakers of milk. Once the QR code was scanned, information would come up on the screen of the device through augmented reality (so there would be a live image of the QR code with the beaker and information would appear). It is a specialized mobile phone application because it will only be used in a lab to scan QR codes to display information about that beaker of milk (if its safe to drink, what type of milk it is and so on…) I had to research the different coding languages that were suitable to be used.

Is there any aspect that you liked about Invisiblefarm?
I liked how everyone was very friendly when I arrived and I felt welcomed as well. They also did this thing where everyone in the company came up with an idea on what the business should do next as a project. Everyone was included in this and they also won prizes if their idea was liked the most.

In general, is there an aspect that has affected you more than the way Italians behave?
Their driving is somewhat different to ours, everyone is somewhat relaxed with using their smartphones while driving and not using their seatbelts all the time either. If this was in the UK, you would have probably have to pay a heavy fine and get 6 points on your license (or if you only been driving for less than 2 years, you lose your driving license).

Is Italy a destination where you want to go back to?
I would want to come back to Italy and Brescia again for a few different reasons. One of the main points why I want to come back is because of all the history the country has. I would also want to come back to visit the different cities of Italy in the future and also to visit my sister that lives with her mum in Italy.
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